The Element

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The Element

One element to control all your Felix 3D printers

The Element is a WiFi module that enables you to control and follow the progress of your 3D printer.

The Element

One element to control all your Felix 3D printers

The Element is a WiFi module that enables you to control and follow the progress of your 3D printer.

Approach The Element through the cloud from anywhere in the world or through a local network to keep your data offline.

Optimised for FELIX 3D printers,

The Element truly is a great new add-on for your 3D printer that creates new opportunities.


The Element is a powerful USB device that connects your FELIX directly to the Formide online ecosystem. A plug & play upgrade that adds a whole new dimension to your 3D printing experience. Queuing, slicing and printing multiple projects on multiple printers is not only possible, but remarkably productive.

Power on The Element -- Setup your account -- Organize your different printers, materials, profiles and all your print jobs using one sleek platform. 

You know that feeling when your phone feels & works different after a software update? Well The Element takes full advantage of Over-the-air Updates. One thing is certain, The Element, and your 3D printing experience for that matter, can only improve from here. 

With The Element you are able to control and monitor up to 8 different 3D printers through a USB-hub (not included) This allows you to conveniently operate multiple 3D printers through one single device. 


The Element acts as your 3D printer’s very own mini-computer. One USB cable to power on The Element, and another to connect to your 3D printer. With nothing to install or download, a simple web browser is all you need to control, monitor and organize your 3D printing experience.

  1. Power The Element
  2. Setup Formide account
  3. Organize 3D printer(s), materials & slice profiles
  4. Upload Gcode & .stl’s
  5. Queue print jobs & invite friends
  6. Control, monitor and print wirelessly


Phone, tablet or workstation

iOS, Windows or Android. As long as you have a web browser, you can access your life-time Formide account and control your 3D printer wirelessly from now on. 

Slicer friendly

Drag, drop & queue GCode generated from your favorite slicer directly to your FELIX 3D printer, locally or in the cloud.

Katana - Slicing Engine

Formide’s multi-threaded cloud & embedded slicer. 160+ preconfigured printer settings, 50+ material profiles and 80+ adjustable parameters for complete control over the printing process.

Local Monitoring & Controlling

Check up on your prints, pause or resume them without ever needing to touch your 3D printer from anywhere in the world. You can even monitor your print job via Webcam from anywhere in the office.*

*Monitoring over cloud will be available in the upcoming over-the-air updates!

Online & Offline functionality

Keep your files local or take advantage of the benefits the cloud has to offer. The Element’s built-in Wifi dongle, internal memory and processor will act as your 3D printers very own mini-computer. 

Printer, material & slice profile Manager

One sleek interface that will allow you to queue multiple print jobs on multiple printers & slice profiles, and even multiple users to work faster and more efficient. 

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