MakerBot Tough filament Data Sheet 2018

MakerBot Tough filament Data Sheet 2018
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Makerbot Tough™ filament Data Sheet

Available in four colours with high flexural strength

At 2X the impact strength of ABS, MakerBot® Tough™ filament offers superior durability for industrial prototyping and manufacturing aid applications. With tensile and flexural strength that match ABS, designers and engineers can create parts that hold up under all types of stress.

Machine anf Finish

The same properties that give MakerBot Tough filament its durability also make it ideal for machining and post-processing. Throw your printed part into the CNC or drill press; tap some threads and bolt on a steel bracket, or sand the surface down and apply paint for a finished presentation piece.

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MakerBot Tough Data Sheet 2018

Engineered for durable 3D printed prototypes and fixtures.

Print with confidence. Print Tough.

  • 2X the impact strength of ABS for high durability prototypes
  • Ideal for working prototypes and manufacturing aids
  • Significantly less warping and curling than ABS without the need for heated build plates
  • Highly-machinable for a wide range of post-processing techniques
  • More office friendly than ABS