MakerBot Beyond the Buildplate

MakerBot Post Processing

  • Brass inserts

Installing threaded brass inserts in your 3D prints is a great way to create long lasting enclosures. Learn best practices associated with installing inserts in your 3D prints. 

  • Vacuum Forming

MakerBot 3D printing allows manufacturers to create inexpensive molds for low volume manufacturing. Learn how 3D printed molds can be used to vacuum form parts in a variety of materials. 

  • Silicone Moulding

Silicone moulding is a great way to recreate many of an object, or create an object in materials not supported by your 3D printer. Learn some of the best practices associate with creating molds around 3D printed parts. 

  • Glueing

Gluing is a great way to create objects that are larger than the build volume of your 3D printer, or combine multiple prints. Learn some of the best practices associated with gluing your 3D prints

  • Sanding

Sanding is a powerful post-processing method when looking to prepare your 3D print for painting or silicone molding. Learn best practices associated with sanding your 3D prints. 

  • Painting

If you want to create an inexpensive part with final product realism, painting your 3D prints can be a great solution. Learn how we paint our prints at MakerBot to achieve the highest surface quality. 

MakerBot Learning

Watch the videos from MakerBot Learning and take your 3D Prints beyond the build plate

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