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3D printers are gaining popularity internationally across STEM education. So far in the UK, the technology has been restricted largely to Design and Technology (DT) classrooms. There is considerable potential, however, for them to be used within a range of STEM subjects, for example to enable links to be made between mathematics, design and physics in a similar way to, for example, ‘sound’ enabling links between music, physics (wave properties), biology (hearing) and engineering (concert hall design)..


Equipping pupils to understand the application and potential of this new type of technology will be important to helping prepare them for a world in which similar technologies will be increasingly commonplace, particularly in STEM contexts.

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Help your students grasp the concepts with physical geometric #3Dmodels from @Mathgrrl -They’re free on Thingiverse and easy to print.

FREE 3D Printer and 3D Scanner Demonstrations

Call 0843 886 7707 today and arrange a demonstration of 3D printing for your school.

3D Printer Workshops

We have DRB Enhanced certification and can arrange a 3D Printer Workshop in addition to a demonstration.

MakerBot Certification

The MakerBot Certification Program is the most comprehensive 3D printing certification program for educators. Head over to to learn more and enroll today.

3D Printer Videos

Watch some informative videos and see how schools have put 3D Printing into their curriculum?

The A. James Clark School of Engineering at the University of Maryland uses an "ecosystem of making" — with two labs and a startup incubator — to teach the engineering students of today. What can a MakerBot Innovation Center do for your institution?

Bring science, maths, and engineering concepts to life by incorporating 3D printing into your curricula.

Leslie Perry at Whitby School in Greenwich, CT uses MakerBot® Replicator® Desktop 3D Printers in the school’s Design Technology classroom to spark an interest in 3D printing and design and teach problem solving.

A class at Browning designed their own Lego-style pieces, and learned how to print them

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