littleBits Arduino Coding Kit

littleBits Arduino Coding Kit
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littleBits Arduino Coding Kit

You Bring the Code.
We'll Bring the Electronics. 

This kit contains 8 of our favorite prototyping modules. It’s everything you need to get started with electronics and programming.

Make your own Etch-a-Sketch™! Program a visual display! We’ll walk you through the basics using the Arduino programming environment, without the breadboarding, soldering or wiring normally required. Perfect for hackers, designers, makers and tinkerers of all levels.

Dimensions (mm):

177.8(H) x 127.0(W) x 63.5(D)

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 littleBits Arduino Coding Kit 

The Arduino Coding Kit is an intro to programming, allowing anyone to create and code inventions without breadboarding, soldering, or wiring. Learn the basics with 8 inventions and how-tos from codebender.

Included In the Box

- Includes everything you need to get started (battery + power included!) right out of the box
- Build with 8 Getting Started sketches, including a DIY Etch-a-Sketch™, Mouse Control and hundreds more from Arduino’s community!
- Snap modules easily to 3 inputs and 3 outputs on the Arduino module, as well as additional I/O for advanced hardware interaction

Arduino Coding Kit Value Propositions

- Perfect for novices that aren't familiar with programming or experts that want to prototype without having to breadboard.
- Communicate with software (Processing, MaxMSP, Flash)
- Works seamlessly with the rest of the littleBits library