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Fable is a modular construction set that students can use to create their own robot in just a few minutes. The Fable robot makes it fun and easy to teach 21st century skills and STEM. In just one lesson, the students can use innovation and their own creativity to solve real-world problems. Fable is appropriate for primary (9+), secondary and higher education.

Easily build your own robots

Fable Robot Systems

The Fable robot system can be used across a range of subjects and classes, allowing students to gain skills they’ll need in the 21st century. The Fable system is composed of three different module types: Function modules, Build modules and Extension modules. Fable is an open-ended system with advanced functionality. Fable encourages students to be both creative and innovative as they build robot prototypes to meet needs in the real world.

Build your own robots in seconds

Combining function, build and extension modules gives students endless possibilities to create different types of robots.

With the Fable educational robot kits you can teach programming, robotics and innovation in middle school, secondary schools and even at university level.

All Educators can loan a Fable Standard Set for 30 days, without any deposit or binding

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