FELIXbuilder 3D print software

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FELIXbuilder is the official software customized for FELIXprinters to process, adjust and slice digital, printable objects to print with the best possible outcomes on a FELIX 3D printer. FELIXbuilder is available for both Mac and Windows an can be purchased as a one year license or a lifetime license.

Attention: Update FELIXbuilder before starting the first print job

Get the most out of your FELIX with FELIXbuilder 3D print software

FELIXbuilder 3D print software

Designed by Felix to enhance your 3D Printing experience

FELIXbuilder is developed to optimize user experience when operating a FELIXprinter. The unique software makes it possible to easily prepare, adjust and customize objects before printing. The interface is build from a user’s point of view: aimed to create an easy to use application that, when required, also allows the user to have full control over the FELIXprinter

1 x Lifetime license FELIXbuilder - available in combination with any FELIX 3D printer

Bed level assistence 

This feature helps you to calibrate the print bed at the right places. In the first step, the height of the bed can be adjusted manually by controlling the software. The second step is to balance the bed. The software moves the print bed to three specific points measurement points where the bed needs (manually, with the support screw on the printer) to be calibrated. When calibration is completed, the bed is perfectly in balance. 

Dual extruder alignment assistence

To create the perfect prints when printing in dual mode, it is very important to have the hot-ends perfectly aligned. The Dual extruder alignment assistence helps you to perfectly allign the hot-ends. The tool will print a couple of small prints with different settings. The user then selects the print which has the best allignment. The FELIXbuilder will remember the selected settings for future prints in dual mode. 


To use the FELIXbuilder there are two different licenses available:

One-year license
The one-year license gives you full access to the FELIXbuilder for 365 days. After one year you will have to purchase a new license.

Lifetime license
A lifetime license gives you full access to the FELIXbuilder for unlimited time. A lifetime license will give you access to future updates of the program. 

FELIX 3.1 

Every new FELIX 3.1 3D printer Assembled and DIY is shipped with a one-year license for FELIXbuilder.

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