Felix Tec 3 upgrade to Tec 4 Dual Extruder

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Felix Tec 3 upgrade to Tec 4 Dual Extruder

Upgrade your Dual extruder Tec 3 to Tec 4 and benefit from improvements without breaking the bank

Upgrade Felix Tec 3 series to Tec 4

Felix Tec 3 upgrade to Tec 4 Dual Extruder

The brand-new FELIX Tec 4 upgrade takes your FELIX to a whole new level of possibilities.

Many years of developing with our dedicated community, has led to a 3D printer with tailored features and new possibilities. T

he Tec 4 upgrade is a leap forward in technology and the best tool you can have to create your designs in an efficient, effective and affordable way.

Automatic software calibration

A sensor which is mounted in front of the extruder can now sensor the height on different places on the platform. It will remember any imbalance and correct for it during printing.

Flexible BuildPlate

A new print bed will be included in the upgrade, it now contains a (swappable) flexible BuildPlate which you can bend to remove printed objects.

Full metal hot-ends

The new FELIX Tec 4 hot-ends are much more durable than the FELIX 3.1 hot-ends.

Larger LCD

A completely new screen + a new firmware makes it much easier to navigate through the menu and it is also much quicker to find certain features.

Spot on

LED lights will shine on top of the object being printed – which gives you a better view what’s going on.

Improved airflow + extra fan

A redesigned fan duct gives much better performance + the Single Head now contains one extra fan. We have seen a great improvement when it comes to bridging and creating overhangs.

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