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Intelligent 3D printing is here.

Leadtime approx. 1 week

The FELIX Pro 3 Touch builds on the success of other additive manufacturing platforms in the Pro range by introducing industrial-grade quality and reliability at an unmatched price point.

Pro 3 Flexible Build Plate included

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* Operating lease for Education and Finance Lease for Limited Liability companies only.

Lease from: £58.69 per month


Felix PRO 3 TOUCH 3D Printer

The FELIX Pro 3 is the latest addition to the Pro Series of 3D printers and builds on the success of its predecessors in terms of quality and reliability to provide professional users with an intuitive, easy-to-use manufacturing tool for every stage of their product development workflow.

Things to know:

  • Ready to print within minutes. Touchscreen and innovative automated calibration.
  • With just 32dB, one of most silent printers available.
  • Best in class print results. Due to unique robust, precise and open design.
  • Innovative dual head printing system. Enables more design freedom compared to single head printing.
  • Open filament system. Print most available print materials for FDM printing.
  • Upgradable, be future proof in todays fast paced developments within FDM printing.
  • Ideal for multi-user environment, with print-server and print-file management.

The Pro 3 has been designed and manufactured to offer the highest possible price / performance ratio in its class with dedicated features that ensure minimal downtime and optimal performance as well as high quality parts.

Pro 3 Flexible Build Plate included

Built on experience

The team behind the FELIX Pro series bring together many years of engineering and 3D printing experience with a desire to overcome the pain points that many 3D printer users have to contend with on a daily basis. The results can be found in the Pro 3 through its robust construction, automated features, ease of use, incredibly low noise emissions and print quality.

Optional touchscreen

The new touchscreen with embedded printserver gives the FELIX Pro 3 super powers. Enabling remote print file monitoring, multi-user environment and print-filemanagment. Last but not least it is so powerful that it can control upto 10 different printers to create a printfarm.

Always upgradeable

The design of the FELIX Pro 3 allows for the installation of future hardware upgrades with no fuss. Which means that Pro 3 users benefit from any new future developments. The ‘write off’ time of the FELIX Pro 3D printer is therefore impressively low and makes it a very cost-effective investment. The release cycles for upgrades are approximately one per year. FELIX strives to achieve the best possible performance in the most cost-effective way.

Pro 3 versus Pro 2

Designed to perform, the Pro 3 is an evolution of quality construction and reliable output of the Pro 2. But what are the specific improvements? This is what you need to know:

  • Optional touchscreen with built in print server for remote monitoring and control.
  • Quicker heatup times, easier to remove and easier to maintain extruder.
  • More reliable and accurate due to improved leveler wheels.
  • More efficient heating. And introduction of the flex plate, enabling easy removal of printed objects.
  • Improved firmware and menu structure.
  • Overall increase in speed and quality.

Simplify 3D

The FELIX Pro Series and Simplify3D® Software – a powerful and recommended combination for a fast start-up and optimal 3D print quality. 

Another option is the FELIXbuilder lifetime license (created by Materialise). FELIXbuilder software powers your 3D printer. 

Whatever option you choose, each software works seamlessly with all our FELIXprinters for mac OS and MS Window

FELIX Pro 3 box including

Felix Pro 3 3D printer, Foot with 2 bolts, LCD display, Small tool kit, Power Supply unit, AC Power supply cord, USB cable, Micro SD card, Micro SD USB card reader, 2 plastic handles for filaments, Filament dust cleaning guide, 2 Teflon tubes, QuickStart Guide

Print materials

Open source 1.75 mm filaments

Tolerance: ± 0.15

PLA, PET(G), Flex, ABS, PVA, Wood, Glass, etc.


Heated print bed

Build volume up to 237 x 244 x 235 mm (XYZ)

Bed temperature: max. 100 oC

Automatic bed levelling

Easily detachable

Lease Enquiry
Cost Per Month: £58.69

Schools and Colleges strive to balance very tight budgets, whilst trying to provide pupils with the best facilities.

We are experienced in the field of education and we understand the challenges facing education establishments

Funding capital for equipment purchase like a 3D printer is convenient and practical.

Leasing is an increasingly popular purchasing solution for education ICT,and educational equipment.

Our leasing facility is designed to give you peace of mind.and for Schools it is an Operating Lease.

Competitive lease rates help you to enrich the learning environment without restricting budgets


If you are a business considering a 3D printer purchase - Why not invest at the right time in the right equipment, without having to employ existing funds which can be devalued quickly as the asset depreciates.

Leasing available only to Limited Liability Companies and Education establishments.

Leasing rates are shown as an indication of cost only and all quotations are subject to underwriting. Lease Period 3 years. A guarantor may be required.

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Additional Information

Additional Information

Build Volume 237 x 244 x 235 mm
Build Volume Capacity 13.6 L
Layer Resolution 50 - 250 microns
Filament Diameter 1.75 mm
Build Plate/Bed Flexible Heated
Connectivity USB / SD Card