Felix Tec 3.1 3d printer - Dual Extruder - black

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Felix Tec 3.1 3d printer Dual Extruder


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Felix Tec 3.1 3d printer Dual Extruder - black

    • ✓ Print anything in 3D with amazing details, print quality ranging from 50 micron up to 250 micron.
    • ✓ Benefit from the latest technology, modular design, enabling users to install upgrades.
    • ✓ Available in Single and Dual, print with different colours or materials in one single print.
    • ✓ Print with almost everything, print with any kind of 1.75mm filament you like.
    • ✓ It is more than a 3D printer, benefit from professional customer service and an active user community.

Felix Tec 3.1 dual extruder print

Print your objects with two colours or with special water soluble support material.

Display unit 20 x 4 character display, for assembled printer this is standard included.

Injection moulded parts, the machine is much stronger and stiffer. Only the best plastics are used. POM and glass filled Nylon.

Due to increased stiffness of parts, higher accelerations are possible.

Extruded aluminium frame parts

Easy connectors, the frame is assembled by just screwing 6 hex bolts

MicroSD card reader integrated into electronics board. So stand-alone printing is possible even without the display unit

1.8m USB cable

Simplify 3D

Simplify 3D slicer

This model is supplied with lifetime licence for Simplify 3D used withthe dual extruder


The FELIX 3 series  is designed to be upgradable. This means that future upgrades will be available for the 3 and can be installed by the user or by FELIXprinters through the FELIX Upgrade Service.

NOTE: In stock means a lead time of currently 2-3 days.

More Information
Build Volume 240 x 205 x 235 mm
Build Volume Capacity 11562 cubic cm
Layer Resolution 50- 300 microns
Filament Diameter 1.75 mm
Build Plate/Bed Glass Heated
Connectivity USB / SD Card
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