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Freelablster Campus is just one of our many Education services.

Shropshire 3D Print from Jack Bywater on Vimeo.

Here at Shropshire 3D Print, suppliers of 3D Printers for Education, we specialise in STEAM products for schools, including 3D Printers.

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We fully understand that whilst we recommend all schools (from KS2 education) invest in at least one 3D Printer so that students all have the opportunity to understand the Additive Manufacturing Process, sadly it is a fact that sometimes investment in the several machines required in order to output for all students within a timescale is just not possible.

it is important that we give all students the opportunity to become Industry 4.0 ready.

Here we make sure your class and school can still share their passion by being able to output their designs and enjoy the additive manufacturing process from design to build.

In collaboration with Freelabster we will give you unlimited access to a fleet of approx. 1500 3D Printers which are able to complete your projects, overcoming any bottlenecks or budgetary constraints.

Each educator is given an account, and each class can then proceed to design objects (CAD) and upload their files on our secure platform for 3D Print output.

Experts are on-hand to guide you, and as it is a learning experience can advise whether files are printable.

All work is delivered directly to your school and although turnaround depends on model size, we aim to return projects within 4 working days.

Your account is not debited until we know you have received the work and are entirely satisfied with the model.

Simply subscribe and charge your account with credit for your first order at only £70.00 including £40 credit for your first order with the ability to top up at any time.


Freelabster Campus

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