Consultation / Workshop

Consultation / Workshop
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Consultation / 3D Workshops / Installation/ Set-up & Initialisation



Consultation / 3D Workshops / Installation/ Set-up & Initialisation

DBS Enhanced Certificated

Book a Workshop for your school

We offer FREE demonstrations to schools and businesses, and these demonstrations include:

  • 3D printer set-up
  • build plate levelling
  • Smart Extruder fitting
  • MakerBot EcoSystem
  • File import
  • slicing
  • 3D Print Output

The duration of free demonstrations is approx. 1 hour

Your organisation might wish to learn more. Perhaps you would like to utilise a 3D printer in a lesson, in education and you don't have the confidence to run a session.

If your organisation or school would like more than a simple demonstration

Everything in a Demonstration plus

  • 3D print workshop - incorporating MakerBot Ecosystem / CAD integration / File Export to MakerBot Print slicing software 
  • MakerBot in the Classroom
  • MakerBot Educators Guidebook
  • MakerBot Education Resources / Lesson Plans
  • intro to CAD systems
  • 3D print output
  • Consultation on organisation integration

If you have concerns about adopting 3D print into your school or operation, don't worry, we can help. We will come and discuss your requirements and run a session with you - setting up and running the printer and help you understand how Rapid Prototyping fits into manufacture or run a lesson incorporating the technology