MakerBot Model 1c Performance Extruder 

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MakerBot Model 1c Performance Extruder 

Printer Compatibility:

● METHODMethod Extruder Compatibility

Model Material Supported:
● All MakerBot Official Materials
● To extend extruder life, we recommend not switching between METHOD and METHOD X materials with one model extruder

All METHOD customers can upgrade to the Model 1c Extruder

MakerBot Model 1c Performance Extruder 

for MakerBot METHOD & METHOD X

Extruder Hardware

Extruder Upgrades Include:
● Metal Drive Gears
● Metal Filament Detection Switch
● Swappable Nozzle Assembly

Nozzle Diameter 0.4 mm

Nozzle Material 17-4 PH Hardened Steel

Max Extruder Drive Torque 200 Newtons through 19:1 gear ratio (3x more pull force than desktop standard)

Extruder Thermal Core Length 51.5 mm (3x longer than desktop standard)

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