MakerBot Z18 - Trolley Cart

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MakerBot Z18 - Trolley Cart

Order your Z18 Trolley Cart together with your new MakerBot Z18 MP05950

MakerBot Z18 - Trolley Cart

The MakerBot Z18 is a heavy large volume printer, and the ideal way for your organisation to locate the 3D device is on the Z18 Trolley Cart, enabling the printer to be moved more easily across the workspace.

Ideal for storage of filament and spare extruder heads and everything else your organisation needs to keep on 3D modelling / Rapid Prototyping

Rugged in design and manufactured specifically for the MakerBot Z18 3D printer

Alternative image shows makerBot Z18 printer atop Trolley Cart with optional accessory - Z18 Filament Case

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