We are Shropshire 3D Print, and we Make Futures Reality

Why Shropshire?

Our business began in Shropshire for a few reasons:

  • Here in the West Midlands,  Shropshire is the seat and birthplace of the 1st industrial Revolution. In the period 1760 to 1830 this was largely confined to Britain. Today you can be anywhere and trade everywhere
  • The county of Shropshire is logistically at the heart of the British Isles with superb transport links. This is enabling us to support our customers anywhere across the United Kingdom. That’s how we share the benefits of Additive Manufacture (3D printing) in order to help make Britain Great again.
  • Shropshire is the largest and most beautiful landlocked county in England. It is a wonderful place for us to live and bring children up.

As a company with a mission we support the TECH Severn vision. This is by exploring how technology may help solve many of the challenges faced by councils and businesses across the UK. Our company supports their view that the latest innovations may transform many organisation's own approach to technology. We believe like them that this technology could help many organisations save money, time, and possibly even lives in the future. Tech Severn also floated the idea, that as a beautiful county, Shropshire could become the Silicon Valley of the UK.

It is for that very reason that we named the company after the County. That is also one of the reasons we focus on schools here within Shropshire. That way we aim to ensure that Shropshire is at the forefront of this, The Fourth Industrial Revolution

Engaging with Schools

Since we began trading, we have been engaged with schools across Shropshire, supplying our first 3D printer to a Shropshire school in January 2016.

3D Printing in the Classroom is key to unlocking the skills deficit in the UK for engineering and design in industry and we are keen to ensure all schools and classrooms have access to a 3D printing device.

Wide Adoption of 3D Printing

3D printing is not new: it is well established, and older than many of the teachers we work with, encompassing many different technologies, but all with the same start:  design, and a form of  layering process to realise that design.

Having supplied MakerBot 3D printers to organisations as diverse as ASOS and GE Aviation; to Architects and food utensil manufacturers; to Engineering companies and many UK Universities, we are well aware of the massive and continued growth in iterative design, rapid prototyping and additive manufacture (3D printing)

We are passionate about how this growth can be achieved. It is a key part of our strategy to be helping businesses to have the opportunity to employ work-ready staff. So Paul Brewer (our MD) became a STEM Ambassador. Since creation of the company Paul has been staging events which included elements of design and 3D printing. Events like: RAF Cosford; Telford 50, Harpur Big Bang, Telford TeenTech, and HLC All-School STEM day and Apprenticeship Shows.

What 3D printing Teaches

We firmly believe that 3D Printing teaches more than just design and a new manufacturing process. The 3D Printing technology teaches students that failure is good; it is part of the natural process of refining an idea, and that is a life skill important throughout any career and all ones born days.

Engaging with Telford Council in 2017, we invested in hardware and made available a MakerBot 3D Printer together with all of the necessary training for a pilot of 6 schools over 2018. This proved a success. Telford students within the project became highly engaged, creating wonderful designs and realising those ideas with 3D printed output.  We have extended that project into 2019. Today we are helping teachers overcome their own concerns about how to fit 3D printing into curriculum. We have over 600 lesson plans available to support them with online and printed resources.

As a member of the STEM Partnership and the Shropshire Manufacturing Partnership we are speaking to businesses across the UK every single day. We learn about their applications for 3D printing and this gives us a unique insight into how students of today can help businesses stay ahead in the future.

We are Shropshire 3D Print, and we Make Futures Reality