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  1. Industry 4 Robotics Impact on Jobs in UK Cities

    The Robotics impact on jobs in UK Cities will be an outcome of industry 4. The January publication from the Centre for Cities at first appears gloomy.  Industry 4 is also called the Fourth Industrial Revolution  It does make stark reading to have reinforced from other sources like The Bank of England studies and Morgan McKinsey Consultants and reports that...
  2. 3D Printers in Libraries

    I cant believe its been two years since we exhibited at Shropshire Libraries and the engagement we created amongst the public and businesses. I was taken aback by the way many different types of library user from young students to retired pensioners, from engineers to inventors all wanted to know more about how to access 3D Printers. A lot has...
  3. From CAD to 3D Printer (Slicing)

    From CAD to 3D Printer (Slicing)
    From CAD to 3D Printer (Slicing) No matter which technology is utilised by you the designer in the output of a CAD design to a 3D Printer, the process is the same. A virtual model is sliced into layers and these layers are then built by the 3D Printer, and that building process is why 3D Printing is more accurately called...
  4. The Fourth Industrial Revolution

    The Fourth Industrial Revolution
    My School I went to school in Liverpool in the 1980's. This school was attended by Paul McCartney and George Harrison. Next door was the Art school which Lennon later attended. Together with Ringo they caused a Revolution in music across the world. John Lennon wrote a song called "Revolution"  which I was lucky enough to perform live at the Liverpool...
  5. Six reasons to invest in a 3D Printer

    Six reasons to invest in a 3D Printer
    3D printer ownership: Six Reasons for your Company to invest without delay Validation Using a 3D Printer, companies can produce a Prototype quickly which matches the properties of a design and allows  that company to test ideas inexpensively. The quicker a company can iterate, the better the final design, and the faster the company can get product to market to capitalise upon...
  6. Library Demonstration

    Library Demonstration
    Library Demonstration Who came to the Free  Library Demonstration of 3D Printing & 3D Printed model Exhibition hosted by Shropshire Libraries featuring a free loan of our equipment. There were  SME Directors; Home Taught Children; Parents; Schoolchildren; Members of the University of the Third Age; Inventors; Patent Holders; Retired Engineers; Hobbyists; Designers & Teachers. What do they all all have in common? 3d...
  7. Cut Production Time

    Time is Money "Time is Money" Benjamin Franklyn observed this idiom which is as relevant today as it was in his time. Getting products to market quickly  to take advantage of trend and fashion and to maximise realisable profits is evident in business where this valuable resource means money. So wouldn't it be good if businesses keen to get to market...
  8. Failure is Good

    Failure is Good
    Teaching to pass an Examination - is failure good? “I had failed on an epic scale" J K Rowling Do we allow Failure in our schools?  We are in danger in Education with league tables and results driven processes pressing down on our educators in schools in the UK of falling into a trap like the bad Driving Instructor: that is...
  9. Barriers Bridges Early Adopters Laggards

    Are you a Barrier or a Bridge to 3D printing? Early Adopter or Laggard We all of us at one stage of being  Barriers Bridges Early Adopters Laggards. Whether we move forward is entirely up to us We often hear the term "Early Adopter", and as far as technology goes this is often meant to positively indicate those who quickly identify...
  10. Satisfied customers come back

    Twitter Works Our satisfied Nottingham customer enquired about MakerBot Accessories on Twitter. We ere quickly able to confirm availability. Our customer was was given a link to the page he required on twitter. He ordered the MakerBot Smart Extruder he required together with build plate tape and and had delivery next day.  

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