3D printer ownership: Six Reasons for your Company to invest without delay


1st Reason to invest in 3D printing TODAY

Using a 3D Printer, companies can produce a Prototype quickly which matches the properties of a design and allows  that company to test ideas inexpensively.

The quicker a company can iterate, the better the final design, and the faster the company can get product to market to capitalise upon the idea.

see Case Studies for more detail.

 Inexpensive Desktop Options

2nd Reason - 3D Printing is no longer expensive

In the Advent of DeskTop 3D Printing there is no longer any requirement to invest large sums in a 3D Printer.

There is no need to spend massive sums of capital on Equipment which might be expensive to run.

At Shropshire 3D Print we can offer a good range of 3D Printers, some under £1000: so there has never been a better time to invest in the design and production of your next product.

A company can gain accuracy, and precision and the ability to 3D print prototypes and some parts without breaking the bank.

With leasing also available to businesses on models supplied by Shropshire 3D Print , cost is no longer a hurdle to overcome.

Take a look at some of the options and their monthly cost today

Composite materials

stock-photo-15615222-number-3Companies will now be able to 3D Print in Iron, Bronze; Limestone & Wood composites at desktop level, making prototypes even more realistic.

So there is no absolutely need to sit out and see if technology improves....It's here today and it's time tp take advantage of it now.

Attainable Geometries

4th reason why 3D printing is ideal for prototyping

Some companies have invested in CNC machines which are limited in their ability to produce complex Geometric designs.

Using good design and "Print-in-Place" a company can make models which can move straight off the build plate and so give the team a good idea about finished manufactured product.

Speedier Development Time

Reason 5 to invest in 3D Printing without dealy

No longer impeded by slow prototyping lead times a company can realise a concept SAME DAY; compressing the development process and helping to drive down cost.

A Company seeking to get to market with a new product can cut turnaround time from months to just days and so get ideas into the marketplace way ahead of the competition.

This is all possible with ain in-house  3D Printer.


6 Reasons is good enough to make a sound investment in 3D Printer without delay.

3D Printer technology has come a long long way in 30 years.

Large scale 3D Printing is possible and 3D Printing parts, not prototypes is now also possible on a 3D printer.

Where all the development has gone in latter years is into making design iteration slicker and giving the best experience with regard the ecosystem surrounding the 3D printer itself.

A Modern Desktop 3D Printer is fast, reliable and very easy to use, helping your company concentrate on what is important... the next new product.

So.. what is your company waiting for?

Surely you don't want the competition to win your company business!!!!


Don't forget businesses can claim R&D Tax relief