School Problems

We have worked with schools for many years now, and understand the constraints on budget and time that they face....If only there were a 3D Printing Hub specifically for schools which was secure, reliable, specifically for schools and could save the school money.

We recommend all schools (from KS2 education) invest in at least one 3D Printer so that students all have the opportunity to understand the Additive Manufacturing Process. Sadly it is a fact that sometimes investment in the several machines required in order to output for all students within a timescale is just not possible.

it is important that we give all students the opportunity to become Industry 4.0 ready.

3D Printing

It is true that sometimes because of budgetary restriction, lack of investment in a 3D Printer, or enough 3D Printers to cope with the output demands in curriculum, once adopted, 3D printing everything required for students can cause an issue.

This can lead to log-jam in output when students need to 3D print their designs for curriculum.

In our experience schools who are keen to expose their students to the 4th Industrial Revolution and STEM subjects will fall in to one of three categories:

  1. Schools who invested in 3D Printing very early: Purchased a large 3D printer which is expensive to runDIY 3D Printerand now use it infrequently if at all. There are some schools made do with DIY 3D printers which break down and are difficult to use, for both teachers and students alike, defeating the object.
  2. Schools who invested in just one 3D Printer, but maximise its use in Design and Technology and other curriculum areas. One 3D printer between many students leads to Log-Jams.One 3D printer in the SchoolThese schools find that it is difficult or impossible to output all student designs on one 3D Printing device in time for assessment or examinations.
  3. School which have other budgetary priorities at present and have not yet invested in a 3D Printer for school. Schools we have spoken to are often facing very tough decisions about resources, and we try to help any way possible.

Addressing the Issues

We at Shropshire 3D Print have tried to overcome all of these difficulties previously:

Offering multiple 3D printer solutions and MakerBot Starter Labs or just upgrade of existing 3D printers to take advantage of the improvements in:

  • cost of acquisition - the latest 3D Printers being more affordable and easier to use
  • cost of ownership - the latest MakerBot 3D Printers even minimise filament use with features like Minfill™
  • Usage - offering a myriad of ideas and resources to help teachers incorporate 3D Printing into lessons - including full lesson plans

We offer the latest design of 3D Printers like MakerBot, the encompassing ecosystem around these 3D Printers with free resources for Design and 3D Printing for use in the Classroom to enable greater use within the whole-school environment.

By keeping in touch with both clients and potential customers we encourage schools to invest in more 3D Printers, overcoming cost issues with great value and support, and also offering Operating Lease, enabling schools to acquire more 3D Printers or their first with no capital outlay.

We also give schools the opportunity to overcome capital issues with Operating Lease which is the only form of lease a state school can enter into. It protects the school from the risk of ownership, whilst allowing the flexibility of continued use or upgrade. For other schools like Independents we also offer Finance Lease.

Finally we offer 3D Printing Day Workshops for schools; including STEM days, exhibitions and demonstrations

MakerBot Education Upgrade

The SKETCH Classroom™ was launched in Texas on February 4th 2020 and we are receiving very high levels of enquiry. UK Shipping will begin mid-Spring (April) The bundle is priced specifically for the Education market.
A fully enclosed 3D printer with particulate filter and improved cloud based software controlSKETCH Classroom™ Dual 3D printer Setup with training and even more control with MakerBot Cloud

 MakerBot SKETCH CLASSROOM™ 3D Printer setup is bundled with the software required and an app to set up and control the printers

 2 MakerBot SKETCH™ 3D Printers
 MakerBot CloudPrint™
 2 Seats in MakerBot Certification™ for Educators
10 Seats in MakerBot Certification™ for Students
 6 MakerBot PLA Spools
 4 Build Plates
 2 Spatulas
 2 Snips

MakerBot CloudPrint™

Ditributed teams pillar


Prepare, queue, print, and monitor prints all from one cloud-based platform.

Collaboration pillar

COLLABORATE WITH YOUR TEAM.                                 

Whether working in the same office or remotely around the world, Cloud Print allows your team to effectively work within teams both small and large.



Cloud Print’s intuitive connected 3D printing experience enables teams both local and remote to easily tap the industrial 3D printing power of METHOD and all the MakerBot Range.

MakerBot CloudPrint™

We are looking forward to getting to know your school more...