Time is Money

"Time is Money" Benjamin Franklyn observed this idiom which is as relevant today as it was in his time.

Getting products to market quickly  to take advantage of trend and fashion and to maximise realisable profits is evident in business where this valuable resource means money.

So wouldn't it be good if businesses keen to get to market with a new and exiting product could do so with less cost and faster than the competition? Wouldn't it be brilliant if small companies could cut production time by over 30% ?

With 3D printing, the ability to realise a concept; bring it to life; test and adjust, iterate over again; create a prototype and test fit prior to production are all available now, so why not take advantage of the ability to reduce costs and win more business today?

Any business looking to invest in technology would look for a Return on Investment (R.O.I.), and new technology is sometimes difficult to determine how much the return is going to be.

SuperNova Design Cut Production Time by over 30%

Take the company Supernova Design who make industrial designs and also manufacture bike lights.

This company, European based , help cyclists all over the world compete in 24 hour racing by producing some of the best bike lights in the world. Bright is a clue to the name of the company "Supernova"

Their wide range of lights are used and highly recommended by cyclists and sports persons all over the globe:

Seppi Rottmoser using Supernova Design product

The M33 is the ultimate light for competitions and training.” -  Seppi Rottmoser

World Cup winner in ski mountaineering, German national team member

Supernova Design of Gundelfingen in Germany

This award-winning manufacturer installed a MakerBot Replicator Desktop 3D Printer  in late 2014.

Time is Money

They are now printing up to 30 prototypes a month, so every day, they are refining their next product. No waiting, no difficult machinery to use, and immediate results.

The company noticed how use of the MakerBot  has made dramatic improvements to its product design process, with greatly reduced costs and has cut  sample production times cut by a third.

COO at Supernova Design

Gregor Arndt states that the Fifth Generation MakerBot Replicator is now used at every stage of the design process at Supernova Design , right from producing draft prototypes to testing fit and form of new and re-iterated patterns and also checking the details of final designs.

Arndt said “Using our new MakerBot Replicator, we’ve been able to reduce our average design cycle from six months to four, a huge improvement, not only are these benefits extremely helpful to our bike light business, but they also help our industrial design clients get their products to market much faster, too.”

Herr Arndt continued, “The MakerBot Replicator enables us to find the best solution possible for each product. For instance, early on in the design cycle of a new bike light model, we are now able to 3d print the exact design fitted with all the electrical components – a proper working model. we then affix it to a bike to check not only the design aesthetics, but every other detail including, bike fit, product tilt, light characteristics etc. Without 3d printing, it would be cost prohibitive to do these kinds of checks at such an early stage of design. Previously, we would test two-dimensionally on a computer, but there isn’t a software product out there that can predict, replicate or replace the experience of actually attaching a working model to a real bike. From a design perspective, this learning experience is irreplaceable. Our brand is all about design excellence, so the MakerBot Replicator is already an invaluable design and production tool for us.”

He Concluded : “We are very pleased with our MakerBot Replicator desktop 3d printer. The machine is not only robust and the print high quality, but the wider benefits of 3d print in a design and manufacturing environment is truly revolutionary.”

Easy to Use

MakerBot Apps

Having  the ability to monitor and control the MakerBot Replicator 3D Printer using MakerBot Mobile on a tablet or Smartphone using the on-board camera located in the build area makes for simple integration into any work-flow. With WiFi enablement and Cloud control MakerBot 3D printers are accessible and easy to use.

This is confirmed by Bernd Nahrgang of  technical procurement at Supernova Design who finds the MakerBot Replicator intuitive to use, and that’s important when investing new technology.

For staff, new technology should not be difficult to implement.

So what is to stop your company investing today in a technology which will have recouped its cost quickly and made a name for your business?

With sleek design and easy to use 3D printers, MakerBot is really and truly leading the Next Industrial Revolution.