The 3D Printing Community across the entire Globe from the United States to The United Kingdom, Germany; Italy; Spain - everywhere has risen to the challenge in the shortages of PPE.

Here in the UK its great that 3D Printer owners in business and privately are trying to help in the current outbreak to help the NHS.

Everyone who is able like us are 3D Printing PPE visor headbands for the NHS.

National 3D Printing Society Organised Response to COVID19

National 3D Printing Society

We ourselves are supporting the National 3D Printing Society in this respect,for several reasons:

  • They have an approved NHS design
    • It is important that any front line use visor has approval in the NHS or Care Homes
  • They have SOP's and guidelines for the 3D print requirements
    • Including print settings, hygiene and safety; and the file itself
  • They are due to get CE mark approval for the design
    • Important approval standard
  • The print is fast
    • just over ONE HOUR for one visor headband
    • Print in stacks of half a dozen for efficient overnight printing
    • more vital PPE
  • They collect boxes of 150
    • FREE Collection
    • supports UK #stayathome
  • They cleanse
    • despite using gloves and masks to 3D print the design they still clean the prints (extra safety)
  • They Assemble
    • You do not need to source visor material or assemble increasing safety
  • They distribute
    • They send where need is greatest with no cost to the Maker
So all our own efforts and local stock MakerBot PLA filaments are being utilised for this cause with our own MakerBot 3D printers
If you wish to join this National effort go to
MakerBot Support
Keep Safe
Paul Brewer
Shropshire 3D Print Ltd