Sir Alexander Fleming Primary School

Having been loaned a demonstrator 3D printer for a short number of weeks courtesy of ‘Shropshire 3D Print’, the UKS2 classes put the machine to good use by creating designs linked to their spring topics.

Year 6

Looking at bridges as part of their STEM project, Year 6 were lucky enough to have talks from both Telford & Wrekin and Balfour Betty about the new footbridge being constructed over the A442. Taking inspiration from these talks, they used TinkerCAD software to design and create their own footbridges.

Some pupils decided to try and replicate the design of the new footbridge itself whilst others were inspired to design their own. Using the MakerBot 3D printer they were able to print their designs in 3D.

Year 5

As part of their spring topic (Fire & Ice), Year 5 examined the lives of the Vikings and researched the longships used to go raiding. Richard Smith from AmazingICT was invited in to school to conduct a lesson on how to design a Viking ship using TinkerCAD software.

Over the subsequent lessons, Year 5 added to their designs aiming to replicate what a Viking longship would have looked like. Once the designs were finished, they were 3D printed on the MakerBot printer.

After printing, the ships were put to good use in science where children examined buoyancy. They used 1p coins to act as a Viking raider and aimed to answer a range of questions:

  • How many coins can our 3D printed Viking boats hold before sinking?
  • How was it best to distribute the coins?
  • How would the boats have carried so many Vikings to Britain from Scandinavia?

by Paul Gerrie

ICT Co-ordinator and English Coordinator and STEM Advocate, Sir Alexander Fleming Primary School