About Shropshire 3D Print

Shropshire 3D Print Ltd was formed in 2014 to meet high growth in demand for 3D print in education and business,

Design; Engineering; Technology; Architecture and Education are all sectors which can benefit from the revolution in 3D printing.

Director Paul Brewer - Shropshire 3D Print from Jack Bywater on Vimeo.

MakerBot Authorized Professional

Specialists in Fused Deposition Modelling technology and offering a range of 3D Printer Manufacturers. A MakerBot Authorized Partner Professional based in Shrewsbury in the heart of the UK offering local service and a complete portfolio of MakerBot 3D Printer products and supporting services.

STEM Ambassadors

Paul Brewer, Director, is married to Jan and they moved to Shropshire in 2011. Dog owner, and father of two, Paul likes to spend time enjoying his rural surroundings.

Paul is proud to be a STEM Ambassador assisting young students in STEM activities within local schools

Paul Brewer

We take our Corporate Social Responsibility very seriously, and work with schools and businesses across the UK to maximize our customers’ support structures.

We are able to offer potential customers the best 3D Printer to suit their needs and budget., providing affordable devices and solutions like 3D Printer Leasing.

Whether seeking a known 3D printer manufacturer like Stratasys or MakerBot or wishing to build a 3D printer, we can help.

With a  wide range of different 3D Printer models we can tailor our packages to suit every customer offering the best 3D Printer for their specific needs.

Trading with integrity and by working with the finest manufacturing equipment in the industry, we are able to bring our clients the highest quality and widest range of 3D printing solutions and materials available

3D Printing in the Classroom is key to unlocking the skills deficit in the UK 

DBS Checked

for engineering and design in industry and we are keen to ensure all schools and classrooms have access to a 3D printing device.

As a company we’re very passionate about everything we do and about all of the products and services we provide reflecting our commitment.

Commitment to the client will shine through in our delivery of service. Our customers can rely on us every step of the way to helping them achieve their goals, whether modelling in education or rapid prototyping for industry.

Whether you are a Modeller, a Maker, a Tinkerer or a Professional Rapid Prototyper we have 3D Printing devices to match requirements.

Call 0843 886 7707 and experience why we are the preferred choice of supplier


Our company was assisted in our growth with a grant from the European Regional Development Fund in 2014, and is committed to support of the local community

A local Company supplying local schools and businesses.

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