MakerBot Certification™

The MakerBot Certification Program - OnlineMakerBot Certification™

The most comprehensive 3D printing certification program for educators.

Learn how to setup and run your 3D printer successfully in the classroom as a MakerBot Operator. Then gain the confidence to create your own 3D printing lesson plans or projects as a MakerBot Curriculum Creator.

Online Certification

MakerBot University Levels 1 and 2 (Online Only)

Online self-paced assessment based courses designed to help individuals develop professionally, gain confidence and become a 3D printing experts.


Certification Levels:

Level 1 MakerBot Operator: Become a MakerBot 3D Printing Expert

Become a MakerBot 3D printing expert. Learn how to setup and manage your 3D printer, create your first prints, and troubleshoot common issues.

  • 3D printing technology & history

  • Printer (setup and usage) and essential parts

  • MakerBot Print

  • Thingiverse & 3D Modeling

  • Basic troubleshooting

Level 2 MakerBot Curriculum Creator: Become a STEM Education Leader

Establish yourself and gain confidence as a STEM education leader. Learn how to teach the 3D printing process and develop your own 3D printing lesson plans and projects.

  • Teach the 3D printing process

  • Manage multiple printers and print files

  • Troubleshoot student files

  • Utilize Thingiverse Education

  • Create a 3D printing project for students

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