Felix 3D Printers from the Netherlands

Ideal for higher education

Choose the Tec 4 alternative kit form or fully assembled Tec 4 and 4L or the Felix Pro3 or even the Pro L and Pro XL

purchased as the fully assembled option, the machine meets the CE safety regulations

January 14, 2015. Materialise NV (NASDAQ: MTLS), a leading provider of Additive Manufacturing software and of sophisticated 3D printing solutions in the medical and industrial markets, is proud that their partnership with FELIXrobotics BV has led to a successful builder, software which will now be bundled with every FELIX FDM (fused deposition modeling) 3D printer. FELIX desktop 3D printers are ideal for consumers as they are producing high quality prints, reliable and are easy to calibrate and maintain. The Felix Builder, which combines Materialise’s Build Processor with a user-friendly front-end solution, makes printing easier than ever while still offering a wide range of settings.

Using 3D printers is becoming easier by the day, thanks in part to software that acts similar to printer drivers for inkjet printing. By simplifying complicated functions through a straightforward user interface, the FELIX Builder, developed by Materialise, does just that for the FELIX 3.1 3D printers. By adjusting settings based on pre-set or custom-made profiles, users can go from STL file to watching their design print before their eyes in one all-inclusive program. This gives unprecedented control over their prints and a streamlined printing process.


Better results and improved reliability

  • improved usability
  • Better user experience
  • Increased durability

Felix superb quality finish

Ideal for Professionals

Felix Pro Series

FELIXprinters FELIX Pro

The Pro 1 was the first 3D printer in the FELIX Professional Series.

FELIXprinters FELIX Pro 3 now available


  1. Ready to print within minutes. Touchscreen and innovative automated calibration.
  2. With just 34dB, one of most silent printers available
  3. Best in class print results. Due to unique robust, precise and open design.
  4. Innovative dual head printing system. Enables more design freedom compared to single head printing.
  5. Open filament system. Print most available print materials for FDM printing.
  6. Upgradable, be future proof in todays fast paced developments within FDM printing.
  7. Ideal for multi-user environment, with print-server and print-file management.


Felix Pro L and XL launched by Guillaume FeliksdalFELIX PRO L AND PRO XL 

The new FELIX Pro L and Pro XL additive manufacturing systems have been designed to perform at scale, and both have been constructed to ensure reliable output for much larger parts.

Felix Printers

Dutch by Design, Durable by nature, 3D to the Core

Printers shipped directly from the Netherlands.

Mechanical engineer Guillaume Feliksdal founded FELIXprinters after he encountered his first 3D printer and was unsatisfied with its performance.

With a mission to improve both pre-assembled and assembly-required printers, FELIXprinters soon improved the current state of 3D desktop printers. FELIX 3.0 printers are ideal for office, educational and industrial environments as they suit the requirements for most small- to medium-sized projects. Fitting in line with FELIXrobotics’s mission, the Felix Builder makes the printers even easier to create high-quality prints, bringing 3D printing to a wider range of users.

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