HP 3D Structured Light Scanner Pro series Set Up

HP 3D Structured Light Scanner Pro series Set-Up

Tutorial 1: Set up and Calibration

This tutorial guides you through the set up and calibration of the HP 3D Structured Light Scanner Pro S3 with Dual Camera. You will learn out how the dual camera should be set up, how to optimize calibration and ensure you succeed every time.

Tutorial 2: Scanning

This is part 2, the 3D scanning part of the tutorial video for the HP 3D scanner. Learn about how to do background scanning, 3D scanning with the automated turntable as well as manual scanning.

Tutorial 3: 3D Scan Alignment and Fusion

Learn about how to align 3D scans and fuse. 3D scan cleaning, free alignment of the 3D scans as well as contact pair selection is explained. Once 3D scans are cleaned and aligned successfully, fusion will be the last step of the 3D scanning.

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