Mistubishi Chemical DURABIO™

Mistubishi Chemical DURABIO™

DURABIO™ is a bio-based polycarbonate resin derived mainly from plant-based isosorbide. Compared with conventional polycarbonate resin (hereafter abbreviated PC resin) made from bisphenol A (hereafter abbreviated BPA), DURABIO™ features high transparency, excellent optical properties, and outstanding scratch resistance. Its puncture impact behaviour are comparable to those for PC resin. DURABIO™ is a plant-derived polymer but is not biodegradable. It has excellent durability, making possible its deployment in a wide variety of applications such as for optical ・energy related components, a substitute for high-performance glass components, as well as for electronic equipment ・ automotive housings ・ interior and exterior decor.

DURABIO™ is not biodegradable, and with its superior durability, this novel bio-based polycarbonate may be employed in numerous applications. 

Because it utilizes a plant-derived raw material with a uniquely important oxyalicyclic (non-aromatic) frame, DURABIO™ has excellent optical properties.  Its transparency and optical homogeneity surpass those of BPA-based PC resins.

In addition, there is negligible yellowing due to exposure to light, so it can be widely employed in applications that require light stability.  This is naturally beneficial in transparent applications, where even for applications needing light-colored materials, there is little concern of color change due to yellowing.

Furthermore, DURABIO™ retains high surface hardness characteristics, and in abrasion resistance is a significant improvement over PC resin.  Surface impact strength is excellent.  Even under conditions in which acrylic resins show brittle fracture, DURABIO™ shows the same ductile fracture as PC resin.  Impact properties are comparable to those of PC resin. 

Another benefit is excellent color tone design capability.  The outstanding transparency makes it possible to create extremely vivid colors in the transparent material.  Metallic coloration qualities and deep hues can be produced.



Mitsubishi Chemical Corp.developed DURABIO™ is a bio-based engineering plastic made from plant-derived isosorbide.
Excellent transparency and low optical distortion, scratch resistance, UV resistance.

Optical characteristics

Glass substitution

  • FPD front panel
  • Sunglass
  • LED lighting
  • Optical Film
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