MakerBot Precision PC-ABS & PC-ABS FR

MAKERBOT PC-ABS & PC-ABS FIRE RETARDANTWe are excited to announce that our METHOD materials offering is continuing to expand. 


With the addition of PC-ABS and PC-ABS FR the total number of materials available on the METHOD platform grows to 11. 


PC-ABS is a strong, engineering-grade material that has both a high heat resistance and high impact resistance. When ABS
does not provide a high enough impact resistance, but high heat resistance is still required, PC-ABS is a great alternative, due
to the addition of polycarbonate.

Extruder Compatibility Method Extruder 1XA & Support 1XA

Method X Extruder Compatibility

Here are a few key takeaways for PC-ABS:

  • Most commonly used in functional prototypes

  • When compared to ABS, PC-ABS has

    • Increased rigidity

    • Increased impact strength

    • Increased heat resistance

  • Compatible with METHOD X and SR-30 support material

  • PC-ABS FR has flame retardant properties which meet UL-94 V0 standards

    • Many products such as kitchen appliances and even our 3D printers are required to use materials that meet these regulations.  Our users can now prototype parts to be used in electrical/thermal testing.

PC-ABS and PC-ABS FR are due to begin shipping in June.

PC-ABS Tech Specs

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