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Engaged Young Students

MakerBot for Professionals

Empowering Professionals with Faster, Smarter, Easier Iterative Design


MakerBot provides connected solutions that address the wider needs of professionals so the iterative design process is faster, easier, and better. Bring ideas to life more effectively with cost-effective solutions built for rapid iteration, real-time decision making, and proven returns.

Quickly and effectively incorporate 3D printing into your workflow with native CAD support, cloud-connected printers, guided wireless setup, and improved file management. MakerBot's printers are rigorously tested for over 380,000 hours to deliver reliability and the print precision needed for accurately representing your concepts.

Engaged Young Students

MakerBot for Education

Empowering Today’s Students to Become the Innovators of Tomorrow


MakerBot offers a full set of solutions and services that enable students to tackle real-world problems — at any grade level.

MakerBot can provide your solution in Education from single Desktop 3D Ptinters through multiple 3D devices to Starter Labs and up to full Innovation Centres.

Thingiverse Education offers over six hundred free lessons and a community of educators where you can exchange tips and best practices.

Elevate real-world problem solving and immersive hands-on learning in your classroom with products built for reliability, ease of use, and performance.

Enriching the teaching of STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) and design subjects. and students in Key Stage 1, 2 & 3 using CAD and 3D printers can: assist with the process of:  Plan; Design; Make and Evaluate quickly and apply technical knowledge.

The Department for Education funded a project exploring potential use of 3D devices. Schools found 3D Print enriched teaching across STEM & design subjects.